Nogle af vores venner

FrejaCavalier King Charles Spaniel
Hi, I’m Freja. I’m a quiet little dog who likes to stay home and rest. Long walks are not for me anymore. My favourite place is the cool bryggers floor.
ElmoHollandsk Kooikerhondje
Hi, I’m Elmo. I’m young and energetic and I love to run and play. I don’t mind if it’s dogs or humans so long as we have a great, fun time together.
Hi, I’m Lucca. I like to make the most of each day. I love all dogs and humans and I also like to receive lots of attention. I can swim and run really fast.
DieselRottweiler / Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Hi, I’m Diesel. I’m a little bit shy and unsure of new things but have a good heart. I can play with other dogs and I love all people.
Hi, I’m Tyson. I’m a big, lovable Lab’ and I love attention from my human friends. Now I’m a little bit older, I just prefer short walks where I can sniff and explore.
Mr. Bacon
Mr. BaconMy breed is a secret
Hi, I’m Mr. Bacon. I really love to go on walks so I can use my amazing nose. I also like to run as fast as I can chasing birds in the garden with my best friend, Fika.
Hi, I’m Fika and I’m best friends with Mr. Bacon. I love cuddles but I also love to go walking and to run around our big garden. I sometimes like to chew things.
JesseJack Russell Terrier
Hi, I’m Jesse and I live in Cornwall, UK. I love to run on the sand and to play with my ball. Rosie and I used to meet for play-dates before she moved to Denmark.
Hi, I’m Lizzie. I live in the UK where I love to go on long runs every day. I love people and other dogs – sometimes I stayed overnight with Rosie. Oh – I really love food!
BertieBoston Terrier
Hi, I’m Bertie from the UK. I get taken to many great places where I can explore nature. I also like to run and play with other dogs and I love humans too!
PicklesJack Russell Terrier
Hi, I’m Pickles. I live in the UK and Rosie was my first best friend. I like to play hard and I also like to chase the boats along the river. I’m a little bit wild but very very cute!
FifiJack Russell Terrier
Hi, I’m Fifi and I live in Ebeltoft. I am a very happy, young Jack Russell Terrier who loves people, other dogs and exploring new things.