Our little girl enjoyed a 3-day stay at the famous Svinkløv Badehotel

Relaxing, dining, socialising, sun-bathing… chasing sticks & balls? !!

Rosie is quite a well travelled little dog, having come all the way from her early days in West London to living at the bottom tip of Cornwall and then moving all the way to beautiful Ebeltoft and along the way she has stayed at some nice hotels and motels and eaten at some fancy restaurants and cafés.

Well, it seems that she’s managed to top all of that whilst staying at the world famous (mainly in Denmark) Svinkløv Badehotel on the north-west coast of Jutland.

With it being only a 2 hour drive from Ebeltoft, dogs whom particularly don’t like cars or travel (like Rosie) will again soon be out of the car and enjoying the fresh western ocean breeze and coastal smells.

For such an upmarket, exclusive place, the staff at Svinkløv Badehotel are extremely dog-friendly.

Most (Danes) will be aware of the history surrounding the Svinkløv Badehotel dating back to the joyous times of the 1920’s when the wealthy and elite would travel from afar to spend their sommerferie (summer holiday) mixing with other fortunate guests enjoying all the seaside and summer sun had to offer.

Then, in September 2016 there was the unfortunate fire that burned it all to the ground.

Meget hundevenlig

For such an upmarket, exclusive place, the staff at Svinkløv Badehotel are extremely dog-friendly.

From the moment we arrived, Rosie received all sorts of attention and greetings (something which she very much loves). She was allowed in all areas of the hotel with the exception of the main dining area, although we did see one other dog coming out after an exhaustive lunch! 🙂  (it seemed that 2 other dogs were staying during our visit).

Rosie was very impressed with the lovely room we stayed in for the first night – it was in the main building and had a wonderful sea view as you can see from the photo gallery below (the window pictures were staged for the purpose of this post – she didn’t really sleep with a view!).

The next stop after settling into our room was lunch and Rosie was more than welcome to attend where she sat nicely under our table whilst we ate.

An after-lunch walk along the beach was a great opportunity for Rosie to stretch her little legs – she loves a good beach to run on and this one did not disappoint. We walked for around 3km – along the beach and then returning along nordstien bringing us back to the hotel.

She joined us for dinner and evening coffee before settling in for the first night of her Svinkløv adventure.

Strandene eller skoven…

The choices for walking were many so we did them all.

Day 2 saw us walk along the path which follows the road to Slettestrand. The path is off the road and weaves it’s way through the woods providing a great walking experience. 2.5km from Svinkløv, we arrived in Slettestrand where we stopped for refreshments. The return started via nordstien and then onto the beach where we walked slowly collecting washed up rubbish and debris and placing it in the many convenient bins that are scattered all along the beach.

The path to Slettestrand weaves it’s way through the woods providing a great walking experience.

Of course, Rosie, with all her energy requires constant activity so an evening walk through the woods, exploring the paths which seem to go in all directions was just the thing she needed before settling in to her 2nd night at Svinkløv Badehotel.

So it was up for breakfast, a good walk and then prepare for the journey home…

If your dog likes to walk, run and explore, then certainly visit Fosdalen where you will find 11km of maintained paths winding through beautiful hills, valleys, streams, rivers and forests that take in all the area has to offer whilst providing some fantastic views out over the sea.

Fosdalen is only a 10 minute drive (6km) from Svinkløv so well worth a visit.

I’m sure that Rosie would highly recommend Svinkløv Badehotel to her other hunden-venner so if you’re lucky enough to secure a reservation, then don’t hesitate – you won’t be disappointed.


Thanks for reading – hopefully soon, I’ll be writing my articles in Danish… 😉


Rosies ferie på Svinkløv Badehotel