Little Fifi came to visit for the day

We had the pleasure of looking after lovely little Fifi for a day.

Fifi is a beautiful little Jack Russell Terrier with a kind, wonderful temperament and we were overjoyed with the prospect of her coming to our home to meet our very own Jack Russell, Rosie.

So we had an afternoon and evening of fun, including a great, long walk around Ebeltoft, stopping off at Apelgren Jordt Coffee where the staff welcomed little Fifi as they do with all of their 4-legged visitors.

After a tiring walk, Fifi made herself at home by exploring Rosies large selection of play-toys and enjoying herself with a little chase and ‘tug-o-war’ fun games.

Rosie also took a liking to Fifi’s bed and tried it out for size!

All this exercise is tiring stuff so it was soon time for sleep and as always at our home, there are many available beds for our visitors but Fifi chose to cuddle up with Pernille and Rosie on the sofa.

Fifi back home after her big day out.

We’re certainly loved having Fifi stay with us and we will certainly look forward to keeping in touch with her and her family.

Kevin 🙂

Fifi in pictures…