Two’s Company but 3 was never a crowd.

If you’re a local to Ebeltoft, then you’ll probably know about Apelgren Jordt Coffee down on the fishing harbour.

You may also have realised that their logo is none other than Mr. Bacon, one of the dynamic dog duo from the Apelgren-Jordt family.

When you’re busy with Copenhagen coffee conventions, someone needs to ensure that the celebrities are taken care of so when Rasmus got in touch to ask if we could look after Fika and Mr. Bacon for the weekend, we jumped at the chance!

We knew Fika and Mr. Bacon from a previous walking gig, so having them come to stay with us was like an exciting weekend treat.

From the moment we turned up to collect them, these two bundles of energy were ready to go so it was a quick drive home to meet Rosie and to explore the house – then straight into a long walk. We walked to the Ebeltoft Hundeskov and spent some time playing with other visitors and exploring the surroundings.

Once home again, it was time for a quick treat and then tiredness set in. This is when these two energetic hounds turn from crazy to lazy!

Cuddling up to each other, to Rosie and to us was always a priority during rest breaks and we made the most of it by snuggling on the sofa with them with a warm fire burning in the background – hygge, hygge and more hygge!!!

It was great to see how well Rosie settled into having two new guests in the house – as you can see from the pictures below, she made a couple of very good friends this weekend. They explored our garden together and followed each other around the house. I think she took a shine to Mr. Bacon but was equally happy to be in the company of Fika if Mr. B was busy. She even shared her many toys by letting Fika choose her favourites from her toy-box.

The rest of the weekend was more of the same – long walks, meeting new friends and enjoying some lovely home-time. It was almost sad to see them go home on Sunday evening and we certainly hope that this dynamic duo can soon visit Rosie again for a day, weekend or just a walk.

If you have a dog (or no dog), love great coffee, cakes and tasty ‘hunde-slik’, be sure to pop into Apelgren Jordt Coffee down on the harbour (Stockflethsvej 14, 8400 Ebeltoft). You will not be disappointed.

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Fika & Mr. Bacon in pictures…