Meet Diesel… with fuel to spare!

We had the pleasure of looking after lovely Diesel for 2 days.

Diesel is a young (just under 2 years) Staffordshire Bull Terrier / Rottweiler mix who is an inquisitive, a little bit nervous, shy boy who definitely has ‘diesel’ energy to burn when he’s out and about.

Although Diesel didn’t stay the night with us, he came to our home during 2 separate days where we gave him lots of love, attention and some quite long walks!

Diesel is new to Ebeltoft so he was a little bit apprehensive when walking around town with all of the summer holiday sounds, people, dogs, cars and activities that were happening throughout the day.

…over the 2 days, we managed to clock up 28km walking around Ebeltoft.

Once we got away from the busy streets and noises, he certainly became a lot more inquisitive, wanting to stop, smell and explore the wonderful forests and walking paths that we followed km after km.

The most favourite place for Diesel was the hundeskov where he was able to run free and play in the forest leaves. On the 2nd day we met another young dog – a playful Labrador / Springer Spaniel mix called  Safira. You can see some pictures of Diesel and Safira playing in the gallery below + check out Facebook to see them in action.

So, over the 2 days, we managed to clock up 28km walking around Ebeltoft. You can see our walking routes on the maps included in the picture gallery, below.

We’re certainly going to miss Diesel and his big friendly, smiling face.

Kevin 🙂

Diesel in pictures…