Have some spare time in Grenaa?

 We had a few hours spare so we decided to explore a bit of the forest (skoven) and moorland (hedeomraader) in Grenaa.

When you take your car to be serviced and they say “you can collect it in 2 hours”, always allow a little extra time. So we guessed that 3 hours would be plenty and headed off to explore unknown territory through the forests and moorlands toward the beach and then looping back around via the canal and back through the forest.

After 2.75 hours, the call came in that the car was ready, so it was perfect judgement time-wise, however we went a little further than expected. We walked almost 12km and the clear summers day was quickly warming up so, needless to say, we’re all a little tired, including our little girl, Rosie.

Of course, every time we go out walking, whether it’s with Rosie or with a customers dog, we always bring plenty of fresh water, training treats and a towel (for those who like to swim). We also like to track our walks as you can see from the screenshots of our walk in the image gallery below.

Back to the area. Leaving the car behind, we headed straight onto a long path which lead us into the forest. The forest consists of walking paths, bridleways (til hestene) and a mountain bike trail so you will no doubt encounter many people and their pets, horses and bikes along the way.

We walked almost 12km and the clear summers day was quickly warming up

You can easily get a little lost so I would suggest having a smartphone-app map with gps capability just so you know where you are and what direction you’re heading in.

Leaving the moorlands, we came across beautifully kept summer house areas which lead us down to the beach. What a wonderful surprise Grenaa strand (beach) was – a long, white-sandy beach with clear water and remarkably, not many people so we headed off down the beach toward the havn (harbour port).

We decided to bypass the marina and ferry terminal area in favour of the tranquil canal (åen) that snaked it’s way back in the direction we needed to go. This beautiful canal runs all the way into town, with lovely buildings, houses, bridges and landscaped parks to catch your eye.

Just so we didn’t clock up any more distance that we needed to, we decided to head back onto the forest paths where we came across many other people, their families, dogs and on their bikes who were out enjoying the day.

We decided to go solo and cut through some of the less popular routes and we came across this beautiful, tiny lake (sø) covered in water lilies where there are nice picnic tables laid out for passers by the rest.

We carried on and then no more than 10 minutes later, the phone rang – the car was ready, so we carried on back the way we originally left feeling lifted for the day, albeit a little tired.

Just for the record, little Rosie is now sleeping like a baby. I might do the same…


Our walk in pictures…