A great place to make friends, run, sniff and play…

The Ebeltoft dog forest has been open since 2012 – a collaboration between the Danish Kennel Club and Syddjurs municipality’s Department of Nature & Environment.

Dog owners can exercise “man’s best friend” in a safe, enclosed environment without the worry of bothering other forest walkers.

The area is surrounded by a 1.7 m high wild fence, so visitors can quietly walk & run their dog without a leash within the confines of this area. However, your dog(s) must still be under control and aggressive dogs that bite are not allowed.

There is also a smaller enclosure for puppies.

The enclosures are located in Egedal forest, just east of Ebeltoft town.

Rosie and I often go walking through the dog forest. We tend to incorporate the hundeskov into part of a longer walk which takes us through the main forest as part of a loop we often follow.

There is always an ample amount of clean, fresh drinking water available and a communal drinking bowl so the dogs are always able to re-fuel in between running and playing times. There is also a large table with bench seats so the owners can also take a rest.

The paths are clearly marked and don’t seem to become muddy during wet periods which is great for both owners and their dogs.

There is always an ample amount of clean, fresh drinking water available.

We have not been into the puppy enclosure but this is a smaller area designated to those who are a little less experienced around other dogs and is a fantastic idea because not all dogs play fairly and some little puppies may find the larger area a little overwhelming.